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The Grand Entrance

Lesley Lillywhite PHX Fest Opening

Opening Night ~ Lesley Lillywhite
Executive Producer

Philip Sedgwick PHX Fest Opening

Opening Night ~ Philip Sedgwick
Writer, Director, Executive Producer

Philip w Camera Head

Philip with Camera Head Guy

Lesley & Philip, Day Two

In fine company...

Portal to ZAP!

Team ZAP! (and two other films) do Q & A

Festival Director Jason Carney & Philip Sedgwick

Lesley Lillywhite, Brianna Fogelson & Philip Sedgwick

Lesley Afterparty

Lesley at the Prom Night Afterparty

Lesley Cessna-Kontowicz (Producer), Philip C. Sedgwick, Lesley Lillywhite

Philip C. Sedgwick, Lesley Lillywhite, David Young
(Phoenix Film Festival Short Film Liaison)

Lesley and Philip at the Prom Night After Party

Posters for Phoenix Film Festival